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Ductless Splits offer efficient heating and cooling. Ductless Heat Pumps/Cooling applications have gained popularity in Canada as a convenient way to heat and cool your home and provide comfortable temperatures. Heating and cooling your home typically makes use of a furnace, an air conditioner and a duct system.
Mitsubishi Mini Split Air Conditioners, Ductless Heat Pumps HVACDirect.com.
Carrier Circuit Boards. Carrier Heat Exchangers. Carrier Motors Motor Parts. Carrier Pilots Ignition. Carrier Miscellaneous Parts. Trane Pilots Ignition. Trane Control Boards. Trane Limit Switches. Trane Pressure Switches. Trane Miscellaneous Parts. Goodman Control Boards. Goodman Miscellaneous Parts. Goodman Motors Motor Parts. Goodman Pilots Ignition. Goodman Propane Conversion Kits. Today's' Hours 10am 4pm est. Mitsubishi Mini Split Air Conditioners. Mitsubishi Mini Split Air Conditioners. Find the Perfect Ductless Mitsubishi HVAC Unit for Your Home. Ductless air conditioner systems from Mitsubishi are one of the most efficient ways to improve the comfort of a room. Easy to install and maintain, Mitsubishi mini-split ACs and heat pumps are available in single zone systems up to 5 zone systems. Mitsubishi Single Zone Mini-Split Systems. Mitsubishi Dual Zone Mini-Split Systems. Mitsubishi 3-Zone Mini Splits. Mitsubishi 4 Zone Mini-Split Systems. Mitsubishi 5 Zone Mini-Split Systems. Mitsubishi Mini-Split Parts Accessories. Mitsubishi Mini Splits By BTUs. Mitsubishi Mini Splits By Mounting Type. Items 1 24 of 1593. You're' currently reading page 1. Price: low to high. Price: high to low. Set Descending Direction. 42000, BTU 15 SEER Mitsubishi Tri Zone H2i Hyper Heat Pump System 121212 Ceiling Cassette.
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Bring comfort into any space, no matter the shape. With our new energy-efficient, innovative, and stylish High Wall air conditioner unit, that once limited use space may just become your new favorite retreat. Performance High Wall Indoor Unit DLFEHAA Single Zone. QuietComfort Light Commercial Series. Our dependable and efficient ductless heat pumps for light commercial applications. Impressive efficiency ratings up to 17.4 SEER cooling and 10.5 HSPF heating.
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Call us at 613-707-7271 or contact us online to learn more about our ductless air conditioning services today! Our Ductless AC Service Areas. Home Aire Care provides ductless air conditioning installation, maintenance and 24 hour repair services to homeowners in the following areas.:
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Climate Control Where You Need It. Ductless mini splits only deliver heating or cooling to rooms that need it. That means you can cool down a room with a large, sunny, window without cooling down the rest of the house. Or you could heat up a cold living room without turning up the heat in your bedroom. With mini split technology, you dont have to waste energy dollars on rooms that dont need climate control!
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A single-zone also called a mini-split ductless system allows you to control the temperature of one room by connecting an outdoor unit to an indoor unit, with no ductwork needed. An outdoor mini-split unit is placed outside your home and is connected to an indoor mini-split unit by small cables and a refrigerant line through a hole in the wall. Help me find the product I need. Featured Product ST Series Outdoor Heat Pump. Trane ductless systems use variable speed inverter technology to continually adjust to the most efficient speeds to meet your desired temperature. Showing results for. Please enter a valid zip code. Pricing and specialists vary by location. Change your ZIP code for new results. Pricing and specialists vary by location. Change your ZIP code for new results. Single Zone Ductless. Select Product Category. Single Zone Ductless. Indoor Air Quality. Single Zone Ductless Air Conditioners. Indoor Air Quality. Showing results for. Please enter a valid zip code. Pricing and specialists vary by location. Change your ZIP code for new results. ST Series Air Conditioner.
Ductless Mini-Split Systems in Kitchener.
Save on Energy Bills in Kitchener with a Ductless Mini-Split System. Mini-split systems are great for Kitchener homes heated by ductless systemshot water, electric heat or radiant panels. Theyre also a good alternative to heat and cool homes without space for ductwork, additions, garages and more.
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Serving Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Newmarket, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Pickering, Ajax. Serving These Areas. Tankless Water Heaters. Commercial Heating Cooling Services. Carrier trade-in program. ductless HVAC systems. If youre looking for a balance of performance and economy, these ductless systems mean business. You'll' enjoy a long piping length upto 213 Ft. and a solid energy rating of up to 18.0 SEER. Completely new ductless HVAC system.
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Legacy Line Air Conditioner 38MHRC https//www.bryant.com/en/us/products/ductless-systems/38mhrc/: up to 17.5 Cooling only. Add to Compare Details. Legacy Line High Wall Indoor Unit. SEER Efficiency: Dependent upon outdoor unit pairing. HSPF Efficiency: Dependent upon outdoor unit pairing. Purpose: Heating and cooling. Legacy Line High Wall Indoor Unit 40MHHQ https//www.bryant.com/en/us/products/ductless-systems/40mhhq/: Dependent upon outdoor unit pairing Dependent upon outdoor unit pairing Heating and cooling. Add to Compare Details. Legacy Line High Wall Indoor Unit. SEER Efficiency: Dependent upon outdoor unit pairing. Purpose: Cooling only. Legacy Line High Wall Indoor Unit 40MHHC https//www.bryant.com/en/us/products/ductless-systems/40mhhc/: Dependent upon outdoor unit pairing Cooling only. Add to Compare Details. Preferred Series Light Commercial Ductless Systems. Bryant Preferred Series ductless systems provide an indoor comfort solution for virtually any light commercial application. Our single zone systems maintain outstanding performance at lower outdoor temperatures for efficient comfort in colder climates. Depending on the system you choose, youll enjoy money-saving energy efficiencies as high as 17.4 SEER during the cooling season and up to 10.5 HSPF while heating.
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This makes pinpointing the cost on a ductless split air conditioner difficult. In fact, a ductless air conditioner that utilizes more than one indoor distribution head is actually a heat pump that provides both heating and cooling to the area. As you can see ductless air conditioner prices require many parameters to give an accurate cost. We tend to see that clients that are looking for cooling only not heating ability solutions often spend between 2500-4000 for their single zone cooling system. Clients looking to cool multiple areas average costs between 3500-7000. Those projects with 3-4 indoor zones connected to very high end outdoor units may spend 8500-20000, depending on the parameters. Note that these are the current prices in 2021 and are subject to change over time. Be The Envy Of Your Neighbours With A Cool Garage. We spend large amounts of time in our garages and deal with hot sticky temperatures in this space all summer long. Why not add a ductless air conditioner to your garage and take this space to the next level? No longer will you suffer with hot garbage smells all summer as you try and build your next project.

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